Nous sommes désolés, à l’heure actuelle cette page est disponible en anglais seulement, nous espérons avoir une version française à une date ultérieure.

The Canadian Network of Innovation in Education is the voice for Canada’s distance and open education communities. The Association will sustain a bilingual organization through its Board of Directors, membership and planned activities.

Value Statements

  1. Our members, our volunteers, and our community To respond to the diverse and changing needs of the public at large and of our Anglophone and Francophone membership. To recognize that all volunteers contribute to the overall quality of the services we provide. By respecting each other’s roles and by assisting each other in achieving the goals of this association, we enhance our service delivery to our community.
  2. Diversity and inclusiveness To embrace diversity and foster inclusiveness in our community by striving to include and meet the needs of people from all cultures and circumstances.
  3. Integrity and justice To base the decisions and actions of this association on the fundamental principles of integrity and justice.
  4. Collegiality, collaboration, and partnerships To foster a diverse community in which the ideas, expertise, and perspectives of each individual are valued, respected, appreciated, and affirmed by peers. To work together on behalf of the association, both internally and externally, by sharing our skills and our knowledge for the benefit of our members, colleagues, and partners. To serve as a catalyst for the creation of partnerships among our stakeholders and others.
  5. Excellence and sound business practices To remain committed to excellence and efficiency in the management of the association’s resources.
  6. Leadership, innovation, and remaining open to change To achieve global recognition for our leadership role for all aspects of distance and online learning. To provide leadership and support to our community as we work to increase access to educational opportunities in Canada and beyond. To pursue innovation in our service delivery in an environment of ongoing change. To extend opportunities for our stakeholders by embracing change, taking risks, and stepping out of traditional roles and practice.