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AMTEC History Project Objectives

  • Collect and preserve the history of educational technology in Canada
  • Digitize, protect, centralize, and make accessible the AMTEC collection
  • Make the history of AMTEC more accessible
  • Store Project content in a central publicly accessible location and portal from the CNIE/RCIÉ website.

This project will enable CNIE/RCIÉ to expand its capacity to sustain and preserve a small but important aspect of Canada’s educational media and technology heritage.

Currently, these materials are scattered across the country and there is very little access or even awareness of the existence of these materials for any kind of reference work or research.


  • To recognize the pioneers of educational technology in Canada
  • To recognize its role as a Canadian volunteer community supporting educational technology in all its settings
  • To provide archival resources for future learning and educational references and research
  • To provide useful accessible data for future scholarly research
  • 2023 is the 50th anniversary of AMTEC as a formal organization in Canada
  • A number of researchers have noted differences in the growth and use of educational technology and media between the United States and Canada
  • Opportunity to view multiple historical perspectives on Educational Technology in Canada

MemoryKeepers – Profiles and Interviews

Photo Name and Biography Link to interview
Maureen Baron YouTube:
Ross Mutton YouTube:
Ray Whitley YouTube:
Bob Bernard YouTube:
Rick Schwier YouTube:
Mary Kennedy YouTube:
Gary Karlsen YouTube:
Rick Kenny YouTube: