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2015 CNIE Award Submissions

Last year our awards process was very challenging, we had a number of extremely innovative and impressive submissions from coast to coast. The following list shows the sponsoring institution (that is it may not present the complete list of collaborators) and the submission. Instructional Design/Teaching and Learning Ottawa University: Legal Memos made Easy Université d’Ottawa: Cours hybride CVG2540: Mécanique University of British Columbia: Fostering nutrition education in the community through experiential learning and open online video DELTS, Memorial University:Oceans 1000: Exploration of World Ocean: Exploring the Ocean Using Virtual Expeditions: A Blended Flipped-Classroom Approach Using Prezi as an Exploratory Tool…

CNIE Membership Fee Announcement

We have reduced our fees for 2015/2016! CNIE plays an integral role in innovation in education at a national level, we believe that the key to the strength of any organization is its membership – that means you!  To provide an environment that respects our membership and looks to the future we have changed our membership fees for 2015/2016: Regular Membership is now only $110 Student Membership is now only $40 Did you know that if your organization purchases an organizational membership you get four membership positions, which are transferrable throughout the year.  Additional members are $110 per member. These memberships…

June 2010 National Post Supplement

The 28 June 2010 edition of the National Post contained an educational supplement entitled “Educational Resources: A New Generation of Education”. On behalf of CNIE-RCIÉ, Past President Maureen Baron and President, Maria Chow, wrote the article “Technology integration in the K-12 education sector”. File Here