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AMTEC History Project Objectives

  • Collect and preserve the history of educational technology in Canada
  • Digitize, protect, centralize, and make accessible the AMTEC collection
  • Make the history of AMTEC more accessible
  • Store Project content in a central publicly accessible location and portal from the CNIE/RCIÉ website.

This project will enable CNIE/RCIÉ to expand its capacity to sustain and preserve a small but important aspect of Canada’s educational media and technology heritage.

Currently, these materials are scattered across the country and there is very little access or even awareness of the existence of these materials for any kind of reference work or research.


  • To recognize the pioneers of educational technology in Canada
  • To recognize its role as a Canadian volunteer community supporting educational technology in all its settings
  • To provide archival resources for future learning and educational references and research
  • To provide useful accessible data for future scholarly research
  • 2023 is the 50th anniversary of AMTEC as a formal organization in Canada
  • A number of researchers have noted differences in the growth and use of educational technology and media between the United States and Canada
  • Opportunity to view multiple historical perspectives on Educational Technology in Canada

MemoryKeepers – Profiles and Interviews

Maureen Baron Interview with Maureen Baron
Maureen has spoken across Canada at AMTEC, CNIE, PAPT, QPAT, BJEC and Canadian Library Association conferences giving presentations and workshops. While officially retired since June 2022, Maureen continues to act as a part time pedagogical consultant.
Bob Bernard Interview with Bob Bernard
Robert Marcus Bernard, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor Emeritus Concordia University and Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP). Robert M. Bernard served as a faculty member in the Department of Education (Graduate Programs in Educational Technology) from 1979 until he retired as a Full Professor in 2017. In 2018 he was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus.
Katy Campbell Interview with Katy Campbell
Dr. Katy Campbell is currently professor and director of graduate programs in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Alberta. She was Dean of the Faculty of Extension 2007-2019. An instructional designer by education and inclination, she works with narrative and autoethnography within a feminist, poststructural theoretical framework, examining the socially constructed nature of instructional design practice in higher education, primarily as questions of identity (intersectionality), agency, and social change in design.
Gary Karlsen Interview with Gary Karlsen
Gary Karlsen joined AMTEC in 1983 and served on the Board from 1993-95. He retired after a 37-year career in educational technology and then became a published author of fiction and non-fiction. He lives in British Columbia.
Mary Kennedy Interview with Mary Kennedy
Mary Kennedy has been a Canadian leader in the field of educational technology for four decades. She has contributed to the field through graduate teaching, conference presentations, publications, and thesis supervision. Her work has been recognized through numerous awards.
Rick Kenny Interview with Rick Kenny
Rick Kenny is a retired teacher, instructional designer and academic. He earned a Ph.D. in Instructional Design from Syracuse University. He joined AMTEC in 1980 while an instructional designer for the Calgary School Board. He edited CJLT from 2001 to 2004.
Allen LeBlanc Interview with Allen LeBlanc
Starting his career in early 70s, Allen was a promoter and implementer of teaching and educational media and technology in the K-12 sector. He was a long time active AMTEC member serving several roles on the AMTEC Board including President (1994).
Ross Mutton Interview with Ross Mutton
Ross Mutton was active with AMTEC, including work on copyright and serving as President in 1993-94. He worked in educational media at Carleton University from 1971-2008. Now retired, he volunteers at his church and a local seniors home in Ottawa.
Rick Schwier Interview with Rick Schwier
Richard A. Schwier is an Emeritus Professor of Educational Technology and Design at the University of Saskatchewan. His work with AMTEC primarily included editorial positions with its journal and leadership positions within the organization.
Ray Whitley Interview with Ray Whitley
Ray Whitley has been a member of CNIE or AMTEC since 1980. He fell backwards out of a conventional academic career into the Nova Scotian civil service, where he served for 35 years as a writer and producer of educational media. He was part of the team who founded CNIE and is now retired in Halifax.
Laura Winer Interview with Laura Winer
Laura Winer, PhD (Educational Technology) is the Director of Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) ( and Associate Professor (Professional) in the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University. TLS oversees learning technologies at McGill, and is dedicated to creative, evidence-informed, adaptable, inclusive, and transformative educational experiences.

About the Authors

Chris Crowley Interview with the authors
Chris Crowley during his long career at the University of British Columbia also served several roles as an AMTEC member including Director of Awards, Commonwealth Relations Trust Bursar and Media Festival Chair. He has won many awards for his work and most recently received the CNIE/RCIE Leadership Award.
Cindy Ives
Dr. Cindy Ives (PhD, Educational Technology, Concordia University) is Professor Emerita, Distance Education, at Athabasca University. In multiple roles including interim Vice President Academic, she was responsible for online and open learning initiatives, student and academic services, and a range of learning and teaching projects and policies designed to enhance the student experience.
Diane Janes
Dr. Diane P. Janes is a Coordinator, CELT, Thompson Rivers University. Her career spans teaching, administration, and leadership F2F and online. Her research focuses on SoTL, transformative communities of practice, faculty development, women in leadership, online pedagogy, and instructional design.