Member Spotlight: Saeed Dyanatkar

December 2019

With background in systems design, human factors, and information technology, Saeed has been working in academe on applications of emerging media and technologies to enhance knowledge translation and learning experience. Currently Saeed leads two award-winning units at University of British Columbia including UBC Studios ( and the Emerging Media Lab ( In 2017, with support from UBC leadership and collaboration with faculty and staff, Saeed initiated EML and one year later EML received the CUCCIO 2018 Innovation Award among all Canadian universities. In his spare time, Saeed works on non-profit initiatives to bring people from different cultures closer and help them understand each other better with hope to reduce conflicts and promote peace. He co-founded an initiative to promote media literacy and cultural exchange at an international level and he helps publish The Source/La Source newspaper, a forum for diversity in Vancouver (